san juan del sur nicaragua sunset

Semana Santa, or Holy Week, was NUTS. We had dozens of guests in a 10 day period, town was crazy, the beach was trashed… For some, it’s why they come to San Juan del Sur. For us, we were ecstatic when it was over! (We did learn some business things for holidays in the future, through, as they say, the School of Hard Knocks!)

Now it’s quiet here in San Juan.

cats of nicaragua


hot in san juan del sur

Little to no wind.

Some kind of invisible bug that apparently has a very big mouth, because it HURTS when it bites you.

But mostly, it’s tranquilo.


sunset lake nicaragua

The crowds are gone. The tourists that are here seem to be universally interesting, from all over the world, doing all kinds of things.


guests el pacifico hotel

We have time to look at our calendar, answer all the emails from potential WorkAway volunteers, start figuring out Nicaraguan immigration and business paperwork, get to the website, catch up on sleep.

intern el pacifico hotel

We’re able to take a few hours a day off now, which would have been unthinkable until about 10 days ago.

fishing san juan del sur

It’s a great time to visit San Juan del Sur! Or live here…

Bye now – I’m going to take a nap!

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