Fishing and Surfing and Hiking, Oh My!

San Juan del Sur has a lot – A LOT – of outdoor activities. Most of life is outdoors here, and you can learn all sorts of new skills or polish your old ones with inexpensive lessons and rentals. While we love our quiet, lazy hammock days, sometimes you just have to get out in the sun and do something! And Nicaragua is a small country, so you can get to a lot of cool places in a short amount of time. Fish, take a sunset booze cruise, walk a deserted beach, surf, hike a volcano (or two) on Ometepe, visit Vulcan Masaya and see the lava flow, SCUBA dive, spear fish… So much to do, you may have to extend your stay!


Catching fish off San Juan del Sur


Heading for a high-tide surf in the bay


Another day, another fishing trip, off Playa Hermosa


Fishing and swimming and spotting a pod of rays


Popoyo, at Magnific Rock


View from the Jesus statue over San Juan Bay


Playa Romanso, a great place to take some surfing lessons


On the ferry (lancha) to Ometepe


Ojo de Agua, Ometepe


Playa on Lake Nicaragua, at Xalli on Ometepe


Aqua Wellness, Playa gigante, nicaragua
Private beach near Playa Gigante, at Aqua Wellness Resort