Places to Go, People to See

Nicaragua is a small country of only about 6 million people. When you take into account that you cannot drive through the eastern 2/3 of the country, you realize that you can really SEE Nicaragua on a short trip. On our first visit, we drove from Leon to Chinandega to Asseradores in the northwest, to Matagalpa, Granada, and San Juan del Sur on $26 in gas! So when you’re planning your trip, make sure to take in some of the sights:

managua nicaragu
lake managua nicaragua
Lake Managua
poneloya nicaragua
Las Penitas nicaragua
Las Penitas
Leon nicaragua
asseradores nicaragua
asseradoras marina nicaragua
Marina in Asseradores
al cielo asseradores nicaragua
Al Cielo hotel, Asseradores
la buena onda matagapla nicaragua
La Buena Onda Hotel/Hostel, Matagalpa
grenada nicaragua