Don’t You Just Love Good Food?

We love good food at El Pacifico, especially good baking. That’s how we came up with the Accidental Bakery – people discovered that Jennings baked fresh daily, and that they were, well, DELICIOUS! Soon we had people coming from around the neighborhood, then around the town, then we were supplying a local coffee shop. All while making sure our guests and staff had a fresh baked goodie each day. (And btw, Jennings can’t eat gluten… So she comes up with all these recipes and uses Chuck as a tester. So far the combination has been a winner!)

el pacifico hotel san juan del sur nicaragua

accidental bakery nicarague bagels

accidental bakery nicaragua donuts

accidental bakery nicaragua cinnamon rolls

accidental bakery muffins lemon poppyseed nicaragua

accidental bakery nicaragua cake donuts

accidental bakery nicaragua muffins

accidental bakery bananas foster muffin

accidental bakery nicaragua mango guyaba

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