Changes in September!

When we moved to Nicaragua in January, with our 12 bags of stuff, we had planned to MOVE HERE. Period. San Juan del Sur and Nicaragua were our new home.

Due to some health issues we didn’t anticipate, however, we’ve come to the conclusion that our planned 2-month trip home for low season (September and October) will, in fact, be a permanent move back to North Carolina. Crazy, I know – it feels crazy, after all we went through to move here.

But there are some exciting things, too, and the most exciting is that we have great friends who are going to take over management of the hotel as of September 1.

Meet the Faheys!

el pacifico hotel san juan del sur nicaragua

Justin and Sarah have lived in San Juan del Sur for nearly a decade and are heavily invested in and involved with the community. Their kids were born here, and they are about to start building a house. In short, this is their home and they love it!

We feel so fortunate to have Justin and Sarah as our new Hotel Managers, and are excited to see the new things that their long-time in San Juan del Sur will allow them to bring to the hotel environment. They are committed to continuing the great vibe at El Pacifico, and making sure that all our wonderful guests are well taken care of. They are also fluent in Spanish, something we’ve been working on but certainly haven’t mastered, so that will help tremendously in the running of the facility.

Chuck and/or I will return every 6-8 weeks to visit the hotel, see friends, and enjoy some tropical weather — which will be most welcome in the winter months while we are in North Carolina!

Stop in and say hi, have a cold beer or two, and join us in welcoming the Faheys to the El Pacifico family!

Places to Go, People to See

Nicaragua is a small country of only about 6 million people. When you take into account that you cannot drive through the eastern 2/3 of the country, you realize that you can really SEE Nicaragua on a short trip. On our first visit, we drove from Leon to Chinandega to Asseradores in the northwest, to Matagalpa, Granada, and San Juan del Sur on $26 in gas! So when you’re planning your trip, make sure to take in some of the sights:

managua nicaragu
lake managua nicaragua
Lake Managua
poneloya nicaragua
Las Penitas nicaragua
Las Penitas
Leon nicaragua
asseradores nicaragua
asseradoras marina nicaragua
Marina in Asseradores
al cielo asseradores nicaragua
Al Cielo hotel, Asseradores
la buena onda matagapla nicaragua
La Buena Onda Hotel/Hostel, Matagalpa
grenada nicaragua